Turning Tomorrow

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Genre: Rock/Jam Band/Funk

The three members of SOAK have a varied background of influences that includes a very wide array from The Grateful Dead and Phish to Led Zeppelin and The Black Crowes to Primus, Korn and Metallica. Add in a love of jazz, funk and blues amongst all members and you get a very unique blend of music that is rock in nature, jam band inspired at times, and carries a healthy dose of jazz and funk inspired grooves woven into the fabric of the music. In many ways, SOAK manages to defy exact genre standards while at the same time, representing what rock and roll is all about. Whether they are in an intimate local club setting or performing in larger festival or amphitheater settings SOAK displays a stage comfort that allows them to explore their jams and a magnetism that draws the viewers into their tight riffs and grooves.


Troy Dutton: Drums / Percussion
Matty Jeff: Guitars / Lead Vocals
Chris Smith Bass Guitars / Vocals

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New Year's Eve w/SOAK SOAK will be performing at Bourbon's in Portsmouth with Roots Nation on New Year's Eve. Admission is $15 and includes a champagne toast. SOAK plays at 9pm and Roots Nation plays at 11pm.

SOAK on PFG-TV:SOAK returned to the airwaves of Scorch's PFG-TV, recording a new spot on 11/03/08 to be aired the following week. Scorch's PFG-TV is available in many markets throughout New England and is growing rapidly. Be sure to check it out. If you don't get Scorch's PFG-TV check out for the footage.